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Moonbeams Magazine

- Moonbeams Magazine is the essay putting down the things which I had met during photo session and the things which I thought -

I've photographed all over the world for almost quarter-century. Mean while the world situation has dramatically changed. I really feel it when I read this essay here once again. I'm sure my thought has changed too.
If this writing is on an encyclopedia or travel guide book, it would be thrown away as an expired information. But, fortunately, this is an essay which I've put down with nonchalant. So it doesn't matter at all if it's regard as expired information. My point is not there.
However there are some episodes which I want add as an after story. I titled it "Post Script" and will write from time to time along with main update stories.

All of these essays are based on actual experience. However, I made up in some parts for protecting privacy and so on. Please remind that political and economic condition is a subject to change.

All rights for Essays and Photos in Moonbeams Magazine belong to Fumikatz Osada. Copy, re-use or re-production of the works is strictly prohibited.

vol.3 - No.250

251 Strawberry Basket vol.1
252 Strawberry Basket vol.2
253 Spring of northern country vol.1
254 Spring of northern country vol.2
255 Atlantic City vol.1
256 Atlantic City vol.2
257 Taxi driver vol.1
258 Taxi driver vol.2
259 Face of Kazakhstani vol.1
260 Face of Kazakhstani vol.2
261 Scene with gas lines
262 Perfect day for the prasol
263 C'mon in and have a cup of tea
264 Samarkand vs. Bukhara
265 Weekend at the amusement park
266 Trauma
267 How deep is the pond? vol.1
268 How deep is the pond? vol.2
269 A diner in front of a strange station
270 Pomegranate
271 Don't be strong against it but accept
272 The bus in tropical paradise vol.1
273 The bus in tropical paradise vol.2
274 What does 'Healthy' mean? vol.1
275 What does 'Healthy' mean? vol.2

276 Flower on her side-hair
277 The Southern Cross
278 Room of Mr. Cockroach
279 The Peace Boat
280 Rugby
281 Incheon Bath House
282 Autumn in Kazbegi vol.1
283 Autumn in Kazbegi vol.2
284 Mountain,photograph and me
285 Gamarjobat
286 Untouchable thing
287 Samoan's notion of land
288 Fale
289 Polynesia vol.1
290 Polynesia vol.2
291 The whale beach vol.1
292 The whale beach vol.2
293 The whale beach vol.3
294 The whale beach vol.4
295 The whale beach vol.5
296 The whale beach vol.6
297 The whale beach vol.7
298 The whale beach vol.8
299 Nagorno-Karabah vol.1
300 Nagorno-Karabah vol.2
Volume 6

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