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Moonbeams Magazine

- Moonbeams Magazine is the essay putting down the things which I had met during photo session and the things which I thought -

I've photographed all over the world for almost quarter-century. Mean while the world situation has dramatically changed. I really feel it when I read this essay here once again. I'm sure my thought has changed too.
If this writing is on an encyclopedia or travel guide book, it would be thrown away as an expired information. But, fortunately, this is an essay which I've put down with nonchalant. So it doesn't matter at all if it's regard as expired information. My point is not there.
However there are some episodes which I want add as an after story. I titled it "Post Script" and will write from time to time along with main update stories.

All of these essays are based on actual experience. However, I made up in some parts for protecting privacy and so on. Please remind that political and economic condition is a subject to change.

All rights for Essays and Photos in Moonbeams Magazine belong to Fumikatz Osada. Copy, re-use or re-production of the works is strictly prohibited.

vol.3 - No.150

151 Vestige
152 Welcome to Jordan vol.1
153 Welcome to Jordan vol.2
154 Welcome to Jordan vol.3
155 Tightrope walker
156 South, the trump card vol.1
157 South, the trump card vol.2
158 Anyway, it's spring
159 Shanghai tea party vol.1
160 Shanghai tea party vol.2
161 Shanghai tea party vol.3
162 Summer Time
163 Dining car
164 Ethiopia vol.1
165 Ethiopia vol.2
166 Taxi in sky blue
167 Migrant workers in Bore airport vol.1
168 Migrant workers in Bore airport vol.2
169 Put it on the head
170 Not their day vol.1
171 Not their day vol.2
172 NRT
173 No stamp please
174 Kite Runner
175 Rainbowman

176 India, Travelin' the train vol.1
177 India, Travelin' the train vol.2
178 Jaisalmer Express
179 Two portraits on the table
180 Tangled cables
181 Green fruits
182 Is India still the std for BPs? 1
183 Is India still the std for BPs? 2
184 The US society in the radio vol.1
185 The US society in the radio vol.2
186 Digging up the junkyard
187 In Europe and America vol.1
188 In Europe and America vol.2
189 Fumi Osada's Features Illustrated 1
190 Fumi Osada's Features Illustrated 2
191 Fumi Osada's Features Illustrated 3
192 Fumi Osada's Features Illustrated 4
193 Asking nothing in return vol.1
194 Asking nothing in return vol.2
195 Hejab is gradually sliding back vol.1
196 Hejab is gradually sliding back vol.2
197 A little talk with Mr.K vol.1
198 A little talk with Mr.K vol.2
199 Hubble-Bubble vol.1
200 Hubble-Bubble vol.2

No.201 -
Volume 4

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