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Moonbeams Magazine

- Moonbeams Magazine is the essay putting down the things which I had met during photo session and the things which I thought -

I've photographed all over the world for almost quarter-century. Mean while the world situation has dramatically changed. I really feel it when I read this essay here once again. I'm sure my thought has changed too.
If this writing is on an encyclopedia or travel guide book, it would be thrown away as an expired information. But, fortunately, this is an essay which I've put down with nonchalant. So it doesn't matter at all if it's regard as expired information. My point is not there.
However there are some episodes which I want add as an after story. I titled it "Post Script" and will write from time to time along with main update stories.

All of these essays are based on actual experience. However, I made up in some parts for protecting privacy and so on. Please remind that political and economic condition is a subject to change.

All rights for Essays and Photos in Moonbeams Magazine belong to Fumikatz Osada. Copy, re-use or re-production of the works is strictly prohibited.

vol.3 - No.200

201 Hubble-Bubble vol.3
202 Pro-Japanese and Urawa Reds
203 Iron gate
204 A hundred years old! Somebody told me
205 Mixed room
206 Nagano vol.1
207 Nagano vol.2
208 My 10th birthday,present was a camera
209 Twin lens in my dark changing days
210 Growing Asia
211 Distance to the gesture
212 Life and Water vol.1
213 Life and Water vol.2
214 Kumachan vol.1
215 Kumachan vol.2
216 Outer seats
217 Tangled cables again
218 Cricket
219 Made in Bangladesh
220 Cheapness is goodness vol.1
221 Cheapness is goodness vol.2
222 Talk show
223 Far above the Straits of Hormuz
224 Far above the Continent of China
225 Japan Sea coast

226 The last air raid victims
227 Kowloon Walled City
228 Yanba Dam
229 Curry Wurst and Morcilla
230 Manuel type face
231 Everybody knows Barca's No.10
232 Let me take your picture
233 The color of snow cloud
234 Winter Surfer
235 Fly to Kihnu to see a Russian sidecar
236 Running across Kihnu ladies
237 Inhabitant of white night forest
238 Unknown flower
239 Kihnu and Taketomi
240 Estonia
241 Through the handmade glass vol.1
242 Through the handmade glass vol.2
243 On the tight belt
244 Tomorrow of the camera industry
245 November for the Reds
246 The Zone System
247 Why do people run?
248 Hebron vol.1
249 Hebron vol.2
250 That's a good question

Volume 5

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