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Moonbeams Magazine

- Moonbeams Magazine is the essay putting down the things which I had met during photo session and the things which I thought -

I've photographed all over the world for almost quarter-century. Mean while the world situation has dramatically changed. I really feel it when I read this essay here once again. I'm sure my thought has changed too.
If this writing is on an encyclopedia or travel guide book, it would be thrown away as an expired information. But, fortunately, this is an essay which I've put down with nonchalant. So it doesn't matter at all if it's regard as expired information. My point is not there.
However there are some episodes which I want add as an after story. I titled it "Post Script" and will write from time to time along with main update stories.

All of these essays are based on actual experience. However, I made up in some parts for protecting privacy and so on. Please remind that political and economic condition is a subject to change.

All rights for Essays and Photos in Moonbeams Magazine belong to Fumikatz Osada. Copy, re-use or re-production of the works is strictly prohibited.

vol.2 - No.100

101 Blancs Moussis
102 Unexpected meeting
103 China, the rising dragon
104 DabaDabaDa
105 Photographing Vietnam with Christine
106 Almost Circle Line
107 Halfway opened
108 Goldfishes in the opposite building
109 Dining table of Italian family
110 Green Monster
111 Summer night jazz vol.1
112 Summer night jazz vol.2
113 Long way to the snack
114 L'hotel Sobo-Bade vol.1
115 L'hotel Sobo-Bade vol.2
116 L'hotel Sobo-Bade vol.3
117 L'hotel Sobo-Bade vol.4
118 Men behind women
119 Soviet made car
120 Long way to the metro
121 Ukrainian never smiles vol.1
122 Ukrainian never smiles vol.2
123 It must be them
124 Word book
125 Window side seat

126 The town named Brest
127 Invisible force
128 Cycling yahoo!
129 Girl in the small window
130 Time limit vol.1
131 Time limit vol.2
132 Racket vs Camera
133 Castelmola
134 First train, or last train
135 Maehara Social Street
136 The man from Mali
137 After the rain
138 Stieglitz's clouds
139 The three black humors
140 Strong relation bet.land & people
141 Wall of the 21st century vol.1
142 Wall of the 21st century vol.2
143 Wall of the 21st century vol.3
144 Israel
145 Free Zone
146 Book's fallin' from the cloud 1
147 Book's fallin' from the cloud 2
148 Six by Seventeen
149 Eid and The New Year's day
150 Thinking of Japan's ODA

No.151 - vol.4
Volume 3

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