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Moonbeams Magazine

- Moonbeams Magazine is the essay putting down the things which I had met during photo session and the things which I thought -

I've photographed all over the world for almost quarter-century. Mean while the world situation has dramatically changed. I really feel it when I read this essay here once again. I'm sure my thought has changed too.
If this writing is on an encyclopedia or travel guide book, it would be thrown away as an expired information. But, fortunately, this is an essay which I've put down with nonchalant. So it doesn't matter at all if it's regard as expired information. My point is not there.
However there are some episodes which I want add as an after story. I titled it " Post Script" and will write from time to time along with main update stories.

All of these essays are based on actual experience. However, I made up in some parts for protecting privacy and so on. Please remind that political and economic condition is a subject to change.

All rights for Essays and Photos in Moonbeams Magazine belong to Fumikatz Osada. Copy, re-use or re-production of the works is strictly prohibited.

001 Arizona Hotel
002 Dawn of the interstate highway
003 Absolute Mexico
004 Bajan
005 Daily lives
006 Pesos or Dollars?
007 3A player
008 Lookin' up and keep walkin' vol.1
009 Lookin' up and keep walkin' vol.2
010 La noche del apagon
011 El Concorde pasa
012 Firefly
013 Red ears
014 Cape Cod summer
015 Memories of summer
016 Floating board
017 Nantucket
018 YH in a grassland and receptionist
019 Grandma's P.O.Box
020 Continuation of cultures
021 300 Mickey mice vol.1
022 300 Mickey mice vol.2
023 Why don't you study Nuc. physics? 1
024 Why don't you study Nuc. physics? 2
025 Maltese
026 Unreadable name and nostalgia
027 Mauritania vol.1
028 Mauritania vol.2
029 Sandglass
030 Afterglow
031 Cinnamon roll
032 Room on the 6th 1/2 floor
033 Lagos Christmas special
034 Far away from home country
035 Drunken Gypsy King
036 Paris-Dakar
037 Scenery of Toledo
038 Torremolinos
039 Shopping bag and plaza de toros
040 Thinking in the Manhattan snow
041 18years later in Berlin
042 Paradise beyond the dune
043 Canary Islands
044 Rushing out of the carnival island
045 Going Morocco in Ramadan
046 The scenery in my mind and souk
047 Monica, Accordion, and Madrid vol.1
048 Monica, Accordion, and Madrid vol.2
049 A spring in Majorca
050 Funeral procession

No.051 - vol.2
Volume 1

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